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Garth Wolff


Garth Wolff (56) is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who founded his primary business, eTravel, in May 1999 and introduced the Independent Travel Consultant (ITC) model to South Africa. This model has since become a substantial part of the South African travel industry with over 250 ITCs now part of the eTravel family.

Garth has two main passions, both beginning at a very young age: aviation and the bush.

In 2015, Garth obtained his Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) and bought a Cessna 182 the same year.

Some of his first flights after obtaining his PPL brought him to Hoedspruit, where he subsequently built a house, and became involved with the Blue Canyon Private Game Reserve and acquiring property.

As with flying, Garth’s passion for the bush was instilled in him by his late father, at an early age with annual family holidays to the Kruger National Park. His fondest childhood memories are those of pushing a plastic train set in the sand at Satara Rest Camp, riding his bicycle around the camp and helping carve out the wooden doors of the Stanley Cottage which his aunt donated in the mid 1980’s.

The same plastic train set was used by his children and has been looked after over the years and will hopefully be used by his grandchildren in the future.

As the years passed, Garth’s love for the bush grew and so did the holidays to the Lowveld, ranging from camping trips in the Kruger to experiencing the luxury of private lodges in later years. Garth’s dreams have always been to fly, to own “a piece of heaven in the African bush” and ultimately to build his own lodge.

After many years of hard work, dedication and sacrifice, these dreams have finally become a reality.

Garth bought his first piece of land in the Blue Canyon Private Game Reserve in 2017 (Leopard’s Bend), followed by 2 more properties in 2018 (Bokmakirrie)and 2019 (Scheema) respectively and now owns over 3000 hectares within the 9600 hectare reserve.

Being a bush lover and developing a passion for all conservation, Garth felt that it was his responsibility to take the next step which has translated into Garth founding the Leopard’s Bend Wildlife Foundation to obtain funding to further protect the endangered species on the reserve.

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