Leopards Bend Wildlife Foundation

The Leopard’s Bend Wildlife Foundation is a South African based, Non-Profit Company founded in 2019 by Garth Wolff, owner and founder of the Leopard’s Bend Bush Lodge and owner of 3030 hectares in the Blue Canyon Private Game Reserve.

Being a bush lover and developing a passion for conservation, Garth felt that it was his responsibility to take conservation to the next level by founding the Leopard’s Bend Wildlife Foundation, with the aim of raising funds to ensure the protection of the endangered species on the Blue Canyon Private Game Reserve.

The increasing cost of security and fence maintenance on the reserve, together with the dehorning of rhino every 2 years, in order to minimise the risk of poaching contributes heavily to the annual financial commitments of the reserve.

With the help of sponsors and donors the vital role of keeping these animals safe is made easier as the budget for anti-poaching programmes can be increased and more sophisticated avenues of anti-poaching can be explored.  

Reg No. 2019/359541/08

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